Kids Program

Our youth program  place great importance on:

1. Teamwork, discipline, and leadership.
2. Kickboxing technique used for self-defense or sport kickboxing/muay thai.
3. Physical conditioning promoting a active lifestyle.

We are a anti-bullying club.

We address bullying and violence by teaching our children and youth to be empowered to walk away from conflicts.   The use of physical force should only be used when confronted by a physical threat or when in a sanctioned sporting bout.  

We are nowonly accepting children from ages 8-13.  For prices please visit our membership page.

Please text 647-567-1314 or email for more information!





“I love martial arts, it’s my passion and I love helping other people succeed and improve.”

-Mel Fletcher

  • CASK Provincial Champion
  • CASK Tournament Champion
  • Trained alongside the Canadian National Team

Mel Fletcher

I have always wanted to try kickboxing but I was always so involved with competitive soccer year round for most of my life that I didn’t have time for another sport.  One day my friend brought me to Empire MMA to try a Muay Thai class and immediately I fell in love with it. I signed up on the spot. I trained hard for over a year before I had my first fight which just happened to be at the Canadian Provincials in Feb. 2013 where I won a Canadian National title belt in the 63 kg weight category. That same day I was asked to be on the CASK Canadian National kick boxing team to represent Canada at the Worlds in Brazil. I trained with the team but eventually turned it down, feeling that I wasn’t experienced enough to represent Canada after only having trained in Muay Thai for one year.

I had another fight in April 2013 and won my second belt.

Due to some politics I took 3.5 years off from Muay Thai, I missed it terribly. Chris Vorano had mentioned to me to come try a class at Legacy Fight Club. I tried a class and have never left since.

I’ve been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 2.5 years, am a blue belt, and have participated in a few tournaments.

I’m also involved with various humanitarian mission efforts.

Never respond to an angry person with a fiery comeback, even if he deserves it…Don’t allow his anger to become your anger. – Bohdi Sanders