WOMEN'S 10-Week Kickboxing BOOTCAMP!

August 5, 2017 - October 07, 2017

Every Saturday from 10 am to 11 am 

$250 (tax included) for 10 weeks.


Ready to stumble upon the perfect workout that you'll actually love doing? It doesn't matter what level of fitness you're at... commit to 1 hour of our kickboxing-inspired bootcamp workouts a week for 10 weeks and you'll be:

Toning muscles - Burning fat - Losing inches


"Hey, my name is Brandon, I've been involved in the fitness industry for 8 years!

Based on the MANY methods that I've tested with trial and error on my OWN account, in order to lose weight, increase muscle tone, and increase the overall well-being of my life has been through HIIT training.

Kickboxing/endurance training has been one of the most effective ways that I've experienced in order to get the results that GET YOU into the best shape of your life.

I love this style of training versus the standard, boring treadmill style of cardio for a few reasons

- It is WAY more efficient in burning body fat because the ENTIRE body is being put to work.

-You are being put to work at a HIGHER CAPACITY; meaning you're burning MORE calories in an ONE HOUR session of kickboxing and endurance training than a traditional treadmill.

- Your muscles are being stimulated WAY more than when you're on a treadmill which helps build muscle mass and in turn, get you strong and more TONED!

And this is exactly what this class is designed to do- burn the most amount of calories possible in an hour time frame for the BEST results!

This class will be a combination of high-intensity kickboxing, core work, upper, and lower body work every single week. So when you've finished one of these classes, you'll feel like you've had a work out that is both CHALLENGING, and involving!

Not only that, but you'll have communication with me throughout the week and after the session to talk to me about any questions YOU have about diet, nutrition, and different methods that I'd recommend in order to help you keep that upward spiral of momentum. Providing you with the resources to be successful is KEY!

Excited to see you on the other side!!"

$ 250 CAD

Fifteen people capacity.  Age 18+, women only.  No experience required and all fitness levels are welcome. All training equipment is provided, however participants must have comfortable clothing and bring clean indoor running shoes.

There is a 2 week refund policy from purchase date.  Credit card or paypal payment  (can request for check or cash to be dropped off).  Click on "Buy Now" to the left of this text and select either payment by paypal (require Paypal account) or by Credit Card.

For any questions and inquiries do not hesitate to call or text 647-567-1314 or by filling out the form below.  A tour of the facility can also be requested!

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