• CASK (Canadian Association Sport Kickboxing) Level 1 Coach
  • WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) Certified Official
  • Can-Fit Pro Personal Training Certification
  • Instructor Certification - TKO Fighting Arts
  • Poo Choi Kru - IFMA (International Federation Muay Thai Amateur, Ajahn Suchart )
  • Competed locally and abroad
  • Lived and trained in Thailand alongside world class fighters and champions
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Bao "Baoy" Luu                    

I started Muay Thai in 2006 under the watchful eyes of Kru Steve Witter and Kru Chris "Woodcutter" Greig of TKO Fighting Arts, Kitchener. A young ambitious kid who thought that he could take on the world.

With only 3 months of  training, I decided to have my first fight.  My opponent came from the renowned SIAM #1 and held a total of 15 fights and many more training years experience.  3 rounds into the fight my corner threw in the towel as I was completely outclassed and proudly humbled. This began my journey down a path of self discovery and knowledge. With a solid team behind me, I went on an 8 fight winning streak soon after.

Muay Thai isn't just about fighting or perfecting physical techniques, it's about personal development. To understand Muay Thai really means to understand oneself.  When you honestly express yourself in that ring, success will follow. The journey towards continuous and never ending growth begins now.

Visit my blog at on-baoy.blogspot.com to learn more about me.



  • WKF (World Kickboxing Federation) Certified Official

“My hope is that my love for muay thai is contagious to all that I meet, teach, and train with.”


Aarne Salojarvi

In 1999, looking for a challenge, I stepped into the Mike Miles Muay Thai and Kickboxing gym and trained for a year.  I fell in love with muay thai from the first swing kick.  Unfortunately, life commitments took over, and I didn’t find an opportunity to learn and train in muay thai, until 2012. 

Early that year, I found Kru Edward Anderson was teaching in Barrie.  Under his tutelage, my skill and conditioning was brought to the next level.  In April of 2013, I achieved a blue shorts certificate through Siam No. 1. 

I fell in love with muay thai because it is real.  There is no fluff, no mystery.  As a martial art, it is very efficient and effective.  Muay thai encompasses many things; including strength, endurance, courage, speed, strategy, and intelligence.

Muay thai is also whatever you make it.  You can train to improve your fitness, for self-defense, for fun, fight in the ring, etc.  How far you go is up to you.  It also is hard work.  You put in the sweat equity, you will see the fruits of your labour.  It isn’t for the lazy or weak of heart.

There is also a duality to the sport.  It looks violent; but there is so much respect, honour, camaraderie, family and love.  The technique, when performed properly may look simple.  But there are many things that come together, to make it effective and powerful.

It is known as the “science” and “art” of eight limbs.  The science involves proper technique, conditioning, strategy, etc.  The art is what you bring to it:  personal skill, flare, heart, personality, courage, etc.

At the end of 2014, I was welcomed to Legacy Fight Club.  Under Bao Luu’s careful instruction, I am continuing my lifelong pursuit, being the best that I can be in muay thai.  



Jesse McCartney

  • 4 years Muay Thai experience under Kru Edwards
  • Blue shorts Siam #1 Certification
  • 10+ years weightlifting/conditioning background
  • Trained at Kiatphontip Gym, Thailand

I have always pursued a healthy lifestyle and supplement by Muay Thai training with weight lifting and roadwork.  I have been living a vegan lifestyle since 2011 , I've found that the clean diet is beneficial to my overall conditioning.



  • MMA licensed pro fighter 
  • National Strength and Conditioning licensed coach
  • Advanced Physiotherapy Education Institute
  • Can-Fit Pro Certified 
  •  Grapplers quest gold medalist Gi & No-gi
  • 2013 Super fight champion vs. Mike Briers
  • 2014 Grappling industries gold medalist Gi
  • 2014 provincial grappling gold medalist Gi & No-gi. 

"In applying both art and science to the body through strength and martial arts training you’re developing physically, mentally, and spiritually."


Chris Vorano

 I started strength and conditioning to compliment my athletic development in sports in my early teens. It did not take long to realize how crucial it made a difference in achieving optimal performance, injury prevention, and overall wellness. I become the athlete of the year in my school and was able to be a part of great hockey, football, baseball teams.

How I fell into martial arts came from cross-training throughout the sports seasons. Martial Arts was the answer for me in developing a humbling confidence. My abilities of control were challenged in a completely different way using my entire body. The typical body building workouts in isolating muscles do not function in sports and throughout studying in school realized vanity muscles even though may seem large, powerful, developed, healthy, and able to crush somebody on the field have the opposite effect and state of reality. They are inefficient unfit, unbalanced, and create a total incomplete athlete. I urge you to come train your various energy systems, work along various planes of movement, and lift loads in various unique ways.

Then there is mastering the punch, the clinch, the elbow, the kick and the battle. My life is devoted towards working hard, taking instruction, and understanding how the body moves, breathe, and what would it takes to fuel it.

 You set the pace and time is limited, you eat the way you do and there is limited energy. This training that is offered is going to take discipline, dedication, heart, and courage. Be willing to take this journey. I alongside our team will help you get through it. 

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I love martial arts, it's my passion and I love helping other people succeed and improve.

-Mel Fletcher-Shields

  • CASK Provincial Champion
  • CASK Tournament Champion
  • Trained alongside the Canadian National Team

Mel  Fletcher-Shields

I have always wanted to try kickboxing but I was always so involved with competitive soccer year round for most of my life that I didn't have time for another sport.  One day my friend brought me to Empire MMA to try a Muay Thai class and immediately I fell in love with it. I signed up on the spot. I trained hard for over a year before I had my first fight which just happened to be at the Canadian Provincials in Feb. 2013 where I won a Canadian National title belt in the 63 kg weight category. That same day I was asked to be on the CASK Canadian National kick boxing team to represent Canada at the Worlds in Brazil. I trained with the team but eventually turned it down, feeling that I wasn't experienced enough to represent Canada after only having trained in Muay Thai for one year.

I had another fight in April 2013 and won my second belt.

Due to some politics I took 3.5 years off from Muay Thai, I missed it terribly. Chris Vorano had mentioned to me to come try a class at Legacy Fight Club. I tried a class and have never left since.

I've been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 14 months and have done a few tournaments.

I'm also involved with various humanitarian mission efforts.

"I practice martial arts not to win over other people but to win over my own heart." -Tony Jaa