Our youth program  place great importance on:

1. Teamwork, discipline, and leadership.
2. Kickboxing technique used for self-defense or sport kickboxing/muay thai.
3. Physical conditioning promoting a active lifestyle.

We are a anti-bullying club.
We address bullying and violence by teaching our children and youth to be empowered to walk away from conflicts.   The use of physical force should only be used when confronted by a physical threat or when in a sanctioned sporting bout.  

We are nowonly accepting children from ages 8-13.  For prices please visit our membership page.

Please text 647-567-1314 or email info@legacyfightclub.ca for more information!





I began studying martial arts at the young age of seven. Training in go ju kai karate for several years eventually competing in tournament point sparring. I took a hiatus away from martial arts until discovering Muay Thai. Different than any other training I had received; Muay Thai was an instant hit. After 3 years at Mecca Muay Thai training with Kru Edward Anderson, I decided to join Legacy Fight Club where I strive to continue to improve my knowledge and skill in the art of Muay Thai. As a new father to two young girls I now train for two reasons, my personal fitness and to inspire my children to also take an interest in martial arts.


  • 15 years Muay Thai experience
  • Former certified personal trainer Physiotherapist Assistant Registered Massage Therapist (no longer formally practicing)
  • Small business owner (SoupHerb Soups)
  • Mother of 2



“Never respond to an angry person with a fiery comeback, even if he deserves it...Don't allow his anger to become your anger.”  -Bohdi Sanders